Griffin Chure, PhD


I’m a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of Rob Phillips at Caltech in Pasadena, CA. I love anything microbial, quantitative, or wrapped in tortillas. I firmly believe that the future of biology relies on an intuition for the physics that governs it. I believe this is especially true for evolutionary biology where insights from statistical mechanics will help shed light on the fundamental evolutionary processes that sculpt genomes.

I am passionate about programming and promote the use of open source software for scientific computing. As outlined on my research page, I have been using GitHub as a lab notebook where all code, data, and visualizations are freely and easily available to the public. I’ve turned my work-flow into a template GitHub repository so bench scientists can start doing open-source science without the organizational overhead. Eventually, I’ll write something up about my experience with structuring my research to be open and reproducible from project inception.

Outside of science, I love taking photographs, making programmatically generated art and exploring the wild lands of California / Rocky Mountain West. Being married to a screen writer, I also watch my fair share of films and television on which I have hard-headed opinions.